Friday, December 9, 2011

Who, and what I am.

As I move towards the first post here, I am brought to a tough question; what am I doing?
I would love to say that I intend to spread truth.  However, it would be self-righteous of me to lay claim to the idea that I had a definitive grasp of truth.  This is a claim made by many in the past, and a claim I wish not to make for myself.
Instead, I'd like to first state that I have the "truth of morals and faith that the Church has given to us" as St. Josemaria stated.  And it is from these truths that I hope to continue to a more total truth and a more practical truth, which comes down to what our world needs, and what our lives need.
And so without further adieu I would like to introduce myself, one Gabriel Syme, here to gain knowledge, and impart what wisdom I am given.

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