Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Well, This Is Awkward...

Since the beginning of time it has been the trademark, the war banner, the slogan of Planned Parenthood and their supporters that they exist for the "sake of women's health."  They have claimed to do everything in the name of this, their sacred mantra.

If this were true, then this movement would proudly support any group which bolstered, supported, or increased the standard of women's health.  Right?

Apparently not.

It's clear that this time-honored mantra is no longer guiding the consciences of the Pro-Choice movement, since they have decided not only to quit supporting but to openly attack Susan G. Komen For the Cure in the wake of the organizations decision to stop its funding of Planned Parenthood.  This spans from your average keyboard-warrior telling people on facebook how awful they believe this group is, to donation refusals, to the extreme of posting the CEO's home address and encouraging others to "stop by."

Given this violent and immediate switch from absolute support to absolute disdain, one would think that Komen was no longer supporting women's health.

Too bad they're still doing what they've always done; support awareness and research for breast cancer.

So, if they're still supporting women's health; then what's the issue?  The world may never know.

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